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The 100 Grateful Dead Things I'll Miss Most

1. Constantly calling the hotline for show info. 2. Hearing "This is a new message as of TODAY!" 3. Preparing my mail order and going to my lucky post office. 4. Peering out the window watching for the mailman. 5. The opening notes of Brown Eyed Woman. 6. The parking lot at the Oakland Coliseum. 7. Some of the nicest people I've ever met. 8. The annual six night run in the Boston Garden. 9. Veggie burritos. 10. Deadville [the Shakedown] at every show. 11. Road trips with friends. 12. Wondering if you're going to hear Dark Star or St. Stephen. 13. Going to any public place within 50 miles of a show and wondering if you'll run into Jerry. 14. Realizing you'd freeze and make a fool of yourself if you ever did run into him. 15. The lights going down. 16. Waiting backstage while they sang to us. 17. The best people watching on the planet. 18. Guessing the first and second set openers. 19. Bobby being a rock star. 20. Anytime Jerry smiled. 21. Mardi Gras, Halloween, and Chinese New Year. 22. The wonderful imagination and creativity of the heads. 23. A new issue of Golden Road... how about more Scott? 24. A new batch of tapes. 25. The ultimate grill cheese company at the Oakland Coliseum lot. 26. Balloons. 27. Hanging out during intermission. 28. Jerry's quick walk to the front of the stage. 29. Albany, NY. 30. Never getting to take my little boy to a show. 31. Help->Slip->Franklin's. 32. The first few notes of Terrapin that always brought a tear to my eyes. 33. My last Dark Star in Boston. 34. The boys tuning their guitars. 35. Seeing the boys emerge from backstage. 36. More VW Bugs than I ever knew existed. 37. "Are you sure you've tried these?" 38. The unique sound of Jerry's notes which seems to go on forever. 39. Writing the set list during the show. 40. Laughing the next day as I look how my penmanship deteriorated during the night. 41. Sharing shows with my best of friends. 42. Drums and Space... although I didn't always realize it then. 43. The glitter mail-order tickets. 44. China->Rider. 45. JGB. 46. The sound of our friend's voice on the hotline. 47. Anytime Jerry said anything. 48. My mom saying "haven't you seen that group like 100 times?" 49. Just listening to Jerry play and listening to those trademark notes. 50. Riding the T in Beantown and pounding down beers at the Fours prior to showtime. 51. Twirling. 52. Jerry's notes going through me. 53. How safe I felt inside the show among family. 54. Jack Straw. 55. Trying to explain it to those who didn't get it (it rarely worked but it was fun). 56. Peggy~O. 57. The way Jerry would signal the end of a song by raising and lowering his guitar. 58. Trading tapes. 59. Scarlet->Fire. 60. Planning my dead-wear wardrobe for a six-night run. 61. Seeing old friends at the show. 62. Playin'. 63. The Rain triplet... Box of Rain, Looks Like Rain, Cold Rain and Snow. 64. The kindness. 65. Sugar Mag. 66. Taking BART to the show. 67. Having my friend Hutch's mail order come through after I got shut out. 68. The post show critique. 69. Cumberland Blues. 70. All those folks outside the show with one finger in the air. 71. Lovelight. 72. Having all your plans just gel together perfectly. 73. Morning Dew. 74. Guessing the next song. 75. A good segue into anything, but especially Estimated into Terrapin. 76. The improvisation. 77. Row Jimmy. 78. The sound of Jerry's voice. 79. Defending going to six night runs in a row to those that didn't get it. 80. Being surprised when it's supposed to be a Bobby tune and Phil sings Box of Rain or Unbroken Chain. 81. The rhythmic beauty of Bill and Mickey. 82. Jerry in shorts on a hot night. 83. The excitement of opening your mail-order and seeing the word "FLOOR". 84. Not Fade Away. 85. Colors and trails. 86. Shake it, Shake it...Sugaree. 87. Eyes. 88. Branford or Carlos sitting in with the boys. 89. Sound quality we usually took for granted. 90. Shakedown. 91. Deadhead security in Oakland. 92. Althea tellin' me... 93. Trying to be the first one to call a song. 94. The four hour escape from reality. 95. St. of Circumstance. 96. too many one vegetable salads. 97. Jerry forgetting the words. 98. Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hands. 99. Never feeling like a stranger. 100. Birdsong.

-written by Wmb1111, circa 1995.

What 10 things do you miss most ?   |   read everyone's lists


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