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The 100 Grateful Dead Things I'll Miss Most

What 10 things do ?

From: peetasan@yahoo.com

1. Jerry.
2. Getting kicked down a veggie burrito and a beer by a bro after the show.
3. Meeting beautiful people.
4. Miracles.
5. Standing on the Moon.
6. Terrapin.
7. Brent.
8. When the lights go down for second set.
9. The exquisite synchronicity of it all.
10. Dancing with beautiful sisters.

Peter Gross

From: Mail2Cindy@aol.com

1. The Dead Serious Grilled Cheese Company in the parking lot.
2. The Pineapple Guys in the parking lot.
3. Calico's braids.
4. The China Cat Sunflower cartoon newsletter.
5. Dwork's Dupree's Diamond News
6. Stickers
7. Chinese New Year's and Mardi Gras shows
8. Oh yeah, the music!
9. All the things I can't remember.
10. That feeling you just can't put into words.


From: melissa@fullmoonfamily.com

1. Jerry.
2. Jerry doing Stella (as it should be done).
3. Days Between.
4. Feeling like I was a part of a safe, real family.
5. Giving & getting miracled.
6. Wishing for a Dark Star.
7. The old mail order tickets.
8. Writing down the setlists on whatever was in my pocket.
9. Meeting the most amazing people, many of whom are still my family.
10. Being super-young (21) & feelin' totally free at the very last show, 7-9-95... and thinking it would never end.

Jerry's gone, but the energy lives on! The Dead is alive and well!

"Forever Family, Forever Grateful" Melissa Moon
Mountains of the Moon, fullmoonfamily.com

From: avanacore@mndinc.net

1. Crying when Jerry would sing.
2. Closing my eyes & singing to every lyric.
3. Jammin.
4. Everybody dancing in the halls.
5. Realizing that everything was perfect once I got inside the show.
6. Rushing the gates>>>
7. You cant always get what you want (to see one more Jerry Band show).
8. Trying to guess the next song.
9. Actually guessing the next song!
10. If you get confused, listen to the music play.

Adam V.

From: A.Goffredojr@attbi.com

1. Jerry standing on stage smiling back at everyone.
2. Front row between Jerry and Bobby's mikes(so I can see Mickey perfectly)
3. Thinking, "To lay me down" and getting it.
4. All the pretty ladies in dresses spinning.
5. Wondering if everyone else realized there was no better place to be at that moment anywhere on earth.
6. Knowing I could smoke to my hearts content and not feel out of place at 4:20.
7. Shakedown Street with no restrictions on vending.
8. All my true friends.
9. Closing my eyes, and hearing the sweetest sounds I ever heard.
10. Always knowing there would be another show.


From: jerrylives53@yahoo.com

2. The Chinese New Year runs.
3. Bobby being cheezy.
5. Feeling like I was home at a show.
6. The super KIND Browine Lady in Oakland!
7. Dark star DEER CREEK 6/22/93.
8. Road trips to the far corners of the USA.
9. The TRUE lot scene.
10. Seeing all my friends boogie down to the fat man!

Austin TX

From: historian2002@earthlink.net

1. Jerry.
2. Becoming conscious of them two years too late.
3. The fact that I was born (at least)twenty years too late.
4. The scene.
5. "Lay down my dear brother..."
6. Legends of Jerry visiting Yellow Springs, OH.
7. Never seeing a show with my dad.
8. Never seeing a show with my kid (phish/mmw/moe will have do).
9. Jerry's Tone.
10. THE sound system.


From: Edsppy@aol.com

1. Interacting with Willy, the old BGP security guy, at Bay Area shows.
2. The first moment of consciousness on the first day of a run of shows.
3. Falling asleep on the beach in Ventura, CA in between a Saturday/Sunday run.
4. Dancing as weird as I wanted in public with no shame.
5. Skiing at Vail during the day, and seeing the boys at McNichols the same night.
6. New Years!
7. Waiting in line all day in Oakland and being rewarded with that sweet FOB spot.
8. Gossiping about bandmembers during setbreaks with friends and strangers.
9. oatmeal-chocolate chip-raisin-banana cookie guy.
10. driving back to the motel 6 while listening to that nights show cause your buddy taped it.


From: cbruno@crystald.com

1. Loving one another.
2. Scarlet>Fire.
3. The colors.
4. Ripple.
5. Free Hugs.
6. Feeling a part of a giant family
7. The beautiful School Buses.
8. Steal your Face imprinted in my Brain.
9. Samson and Delilah.
10. "We're going to take a short break and we'll be right back."


From: Risk1986@aol.com

1. Jerry.
2. Jerry.
3. Jerry.
4. Jerry.
5. Jerry.
6. Jerry.
7. Jerry.
8. Jerry.
9. Jerry.
10. Jerry.

From: audberg@hotmail.com

1. the road trip.
2. that 'rock & roll' sway.
3. that special place they took us to.
4. looking at the senior citizen hippies besides me enjoying the show
5. wondering where my brother was sitting and spotting him from the lawn.
6. the smell in the air.
7. acquiring 'secret' stickers being handed out while strolling the lot.
8. the sound of the tank and trying to locate...
9. Terrapin.
10. Jerry's hair blowing back with the help of the soothing wind.


From: mccanndana@hotmail.com

1. Jerry.
2. The feeling before a show knowing that 'he' was in town.
3. The kindest people on earth.
4. The most pure happiness I have ever known when he played.
5. Guessing the next song.
6. Wondering if I would hear Dark Star that night.
7. The inner peace and sense of being home when they played.
8. Drums->Space
9. The look of happiness on Jerry's face when he played.
10. The boys 'hanging out' and playing just for us.


What 10 things do ?


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