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Trey Tour 2001

Trey Anastasio July 13, 14, 2001
photos by Adam Berger

7/14/01 The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

I: Last Tube, Caymen Review, Alive Again, Expected Alive, Burlap Sack And Pumps,
Way I Feel, Moesha

II: Simple Twist Up Dave, Tube Top Wobble, Money Love & Change, At The Bar B Que,
Plasma*, Quantegy, Sand, At The Gazebo

E: Mister Completely

* debut

7/13/01 The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

I: Burlap Sack And Pumps, Moesha, Acting Like The Devil, Alive Again, Happy Coffee Song,
Done Done It, Windora Bug, Last Tube

II: Money Love & Change, Noodle Rave Daddio, Every Story Has A Stone, Mister Completely,
Simple Twist Up Dave, Drifting, instrumental, Push On Til The Day

E: 1st Tube

"Walfredo" performed in Vegas 9-30-00
Walfredo, where did you go?

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