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The Matterhorn Guitar
built by the Trowbridge Guitar Company

-from the Trowbridge Guitar Company website (www.bizzareguitars.com)

In July, 2001 Trowbridge ("Trow") Cottrell decided to build a hybrid, semi-hollow body electric guitar. Based on an idea, which materialized during the early 80's as a very weird looking electric harp, Trow quickly realized that the instrument could only be played in a studio and had to be synthesized to compose anything remotely asthetic.

After 2 weeks of painstaking research a set of final blueprints were completed. All the materials necessary and one tool, a Porter Cable router had been purchased so that production could commence. The goal was to have a finished product by August 4th. It was Trow's hope that his friend, Trey Anastasio (Phish, Trey Anastasio Band & Oysterhead) would take the "MatterHorn" for a spin, maybe sign it or, best case scenario, buy the thing. But with only a total of four tools and a time constraining, technical glitch this was not to be. The 1st Bizarre Guitar would not be ready until August 10th.

The Matterhorn was placed in Trey's hands in mid-August. As you can see (right), he was delighted. By October 10th he owned it and, shortly thereafter embarked on the Fall Oysterhead tour. Sets which included "Pseudo Suicide" and "Shadow of a Man", featured Trey with his new axe, bassist extraordinaire Les Claypool (Primus), and drum virtuoso Stewart Copeland (formerly of the Police) . Drove the crowds wild! November 21st, the Matterhorn appeared on national television, receiving a good thrashing as Oysterhead was featured on HBO's Reverb. Trey administered a blistering field test of the instrument, which clearly demonstrated the guitar's (and musician's) capabilities. This seemed to be a really great start for the Trowbridge Guitar Company.

-learn more from the Trowbridge Guitar Company website (www.bizzareguitars.com)

Captain Kevin looks on as Trey gets in some first licks on his new toy.

"Walfredo" performed in Vegas 9-30-00


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